Weddings from 52€

Unforgettable interiors
An atmosphere to captivate everyone
Memories to last a lifetime

Banquets from 45€

Tastes perfected over years
They represent our great secret
a veil lifted only for our clients

A unique atmosphere

So many things have happened in these rooms...
Thousands of unforgettable moments.
Years of excitement and joy


Why Us?


We organize and plan weddings using the knowledge and experience gained over many years. For such an important event we prepare everything in cooperation with the bridal couple in a comprehensive manner.


All of our employees prepare the wedding for you with passion and commitment


A wedding at uŚnieżków is not only a wonderful memory, it is also relaxation in close contact with nature surrounded by flowering lilacs and the old fruit orchard


We prepare comprehensive wedding services with Clients based on five quality forms:

  1. Wedding form
  2. Accommodation form
  3. Menu form
  4. Table and chair arrangement form
  5. Billing form

Therefore, if you are planning a wedding ceremony followed by a splendid large and classic wedding reception or a form of banquet and you dream of organizing them in a really special way, you can do it only at uŚnieżków. You are invited to familiarize yourself with our services, which will certainly meet your expectations and surprise you in a pleasant manner.

If you have any questions please call us at +48 606 26 56 69

Our services and final price

What we offer is up to you and depends on your expectations. The final price for a wedding and banquet depends on many factors including:

  1. The final number of guests
  2. Location of service (Crystal Room / Orangery / Sweet Pears Room)
  3. Duration of service (full 10-hour wedding or a 5-6 hour banquet)
  4. Time of the event: high or low season
  5. The day of the week of the event
  6. Your individual expectations


An approximate duration of 10 hours

• Crystal Room with an option of Orangery Winter Garden
• Sweet Pears Room

Prices from 209 PLN (~52 EUR)/person:

• 30 – 60 people – Sweet Pears Room
• 70 – 220 people – Crystal Room with Orangery

If you would like to know more, please contact us

Wedding banquet / Reception

An approximate duration of 5-6 hours

Banquets and wedding receptions are held in:

• Sweet Pears Room with stone garden patio
• Orangery – Winter Garden

Prices from 180 PLN (~45 EUR)/person:

• 30 – 60 people – Sweet Pears Room or Orangery

If you would like to know more, please contact us

What’s included in the price?

• Welcome toast
• 7 menus to choose from
• Non-alcoholic beverages
• Wedding cake (Crystal Room)
• Banquet cake
• Fruits
• All this in a stylish form and in a choice of your favorite flavours

What’s included in the price?

• Welcome toast
• 3 menus to choose from
• Non-alcoholic beverages
• Banquet cake
• Fruits
• All this in a stylish form and in a choice of your favorite flavours

satisfied customers
monitored quality and safety processes

It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting

Paulo Coelho

A wedding prepared according to your needs!

A wedding is one of the most important events in the life of every human being. It has a magical power experienced by the bridal couple and their families. Everyone has the right to celebrate this ceremony differently – in any way you like. Hence the idea is to feel special and to prepare a wedding according to your needs.

So what distinguishes weddings organized at uŚnieżków?

  1. We prepare weddings using knowledge and experience – listening carefully to your needs,
  2. We help to sort out the process of preparation for the ceremony in different areas,
  3. We advise on the preparation of weddings and after-parties if needed,
  4. We calculate varied wedding budgets
  5. We advise and support you and are always available via the Internet,
  6. We constantly improve and take care of our garden for you to ensure the garden is beautiful at every time of the year,
  7. We have implemented the ISO 22000 quality standard and are subject to an annual certification audit,
  8. We constantly raise the bar to ensure you’ll want to organize your wedding, wedding banquet or after-party with us.


We will provide accommodation for our guests in three independent areas at our facility: in the rooms over the Crystal Room, in the Hotel, and in the rooms over the Sweet Pears Room. We have almost 80 beds available for accommodation (in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-person rooms). All rooms are with private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, and there is a car park available for all guests.
Accommodation for wedding guests on the night of the wedding is covered in the discount package.


The Orangery, which is a Winter Garden in an exceptionally charming area of the facility.
Regardless of the time of day, the time of year and the weather this place is fabulous. See for yourself but it is impossible to improve something that nature created for us.

WEDDING at uŚnieżków”

Our offer is tailored to your needs and the budget is set for this purpose.
Therefore, if you plan a wedding at uŚnieżków you are warmly welcome! We will set out your goals and priorities as well as flexibility regarding the date of the event. We will also prepare a preliminary cost estimate and packages of possible bonuses.

Crystal Room

60 – 170 people

The Crystal Room is connected to the Orangery and the Summer Garden – a great place for events for more than 60 people.

Sweet Pears Room

up to 50 people

The Sweet Pears Room is connected to the stone garden patio – an ideal place for event for up to 50 people


up to 50 people

The Orangery is located in the vicinity of our Crystal Room and is the perfect place for smaller events. It is also the place where our hotel guests start their day with a delicious and nourishing breakfast.

Bleached Summer House

up to 80 people

The Bleached Summer House is complemented by a stone garden fireplace, ideal for parties in the fresh air

Documents for our clients

Quality forms for our clients

If you have signed a contract for the organization of a wedding/banquet or wedding reception this section is just for you.

Our clients preparing for the wedding/wedding with after-party or a wedding banquet are supported by us in terms of recognizing their expectations when it comes to the event.

For this purpose quality forms have been prepared:
1. Wedding form – the details of your Wedding / Banquet
2. Accommodation form
3. A form for the menu or menu with changes
4. A form for table and chair setting

What do you need to do with them?

Print – Complete – Sign and Hand the form over to us not later than 8 days before the event.
From the time of printing forms and their submission to implementation we are more than willing to give you any necessary hints, tips and information that you might need (

We are willing to meet with you as many times as needed. You are invited to arrange meetings at your convenience

This should be your really WONDERFUL DAY!

Every wedding is different and we have tremendous experience in a wide variety of areas.

If you wish, we will be happy to share our experience and information with you.
However, the final decision as to the wedding ceremony is always taken by the couple.

"(...)Everything was very well and carefully organized. uŚnieżków is the perfect place for all kinds of celebrations. The wedding form made contact easier, so I was able to prepare for the wedding without a hitch(...)"

− Izabella

"(...)we can't hide our admiration for the organization of this beautiful reception(...)"

− Marianna

"It was a beautiful wedding reception. This was the most wonderful one we could have dreamt of (...)"

− Marta i Krzysztof

"(...)If you want to experience your story, share your dreams with uŚnieżków – it will make them come true(...)"

− Izabela Grzegolska

Marriage at uŚnieżków

In the presence of an official from a Register Office

Marriage in the presence of an official from the Register Office takes place:

• in the Orangery
• in the Garden Summer House

We support the bridal couple in conducting formalities relating to the procedures required by the Register Office.
We have all adequate facilities to ensure a dignified taking of marriage vows.

In the presence of a member of clergy

Marriage in the presence of a member of clergy takes place

• in the Orangery
• in the Garden Summer House

The formalities relating to the procedures required by the member of clergy are conducted by the bridal couple on their own.
We adapt the facility to the requirements that need to be met with respect to existing traditions and rituals.


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Where you need us


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