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In accordance with the highest quality standards
we create unforgettable evenings full of emotion
for your team and staff

For companies

Long years of collaboration with business partners
have allowed us to create a flexible and modern range of services
that meets the requirements of the most demanding customers

Unforgettable experience

Moments your team will never forget
Emotions they will feel for years
Memories they will always come back to

organized team-building events
satisfied employees
places to relax in the garden

Theme events

uŚnieżków is a perfect place to organize thematic events for your company and your employees.

We provide comprehensive event organization up to 300 people
After listening carefully to your needs and setting the budget we will:

  • prepare the scenario of the event
  • prepare and organize attractions
  • transport participants from the designated place
  • coordinate the event
  • provide catering services in garden houses or in the orangery
  • provide accommodation

Anniversary events for your company

The organization of anniversary events is prepared on the basis of the client’s scenario or the one prepared by us and approved for implementation by the client. We have experience in the organization of these types of Events. Events are organized by experienced managers of our company based on customer expectations and specified budgets.

Corporate Christmas Eve

The unique atmosphere that prevails at uŚnieżków, its location and lighting in the garden give these meetings a suitably magical nature. This type of event is of particular interest in the period of Christmas – New Year. Exquisite cuisine add the finishing touch.

Christmas for Children or Santa Claus as part of the social fund.

We also organize Christmas or Santa Claus for children. With the participation of animators we provide a lot of fun with an illuminated blue fountain.

Senior Party

This is a great attraction for the elderly. Every year in January/February traditional New Year’s Senior Party is held. It is a great party with music and tasty dishes.


The first promotion parties are already behind us … How was it? – It is best to ask the Students and Teachers. The first and most important promotion party, one hundred days before the Matura exam, must be perfectly and completely prepared. Such a party will be remembered for one’s whole life! We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. The maximum number of all our guests should not exceed 250 people.

Study completion parties and mid-school parties for students

When after many exams, tests and sleepless nights there comes time for graduation or even mid-school parties the direction for such parties can be only one – uŚnieżków. uŚnieżków will take care of every detail that will make this evening unforgettable for many years.

Lower secondary school parties

This is the first step into adulthood upon completion of the lower secondary school. It is to be a wonderful, elegant, tasty and safe party. Parents and head teachers are invited. Our facility is protected 24 hours a day by a professional security company.

"Mrs. Małgosia Śnieżek organized for our company one of the best team-building events in the company"

− Andżelika

"We would like to thank Śnieżek for the organization of a wonderful prom for our high school graduates"

− Paweł

"Thanks to a corporate Christmas Eve our employees get to know each better and their children received wonderful gifts!"

− Anna


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Where you need us


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