Once in a lifetime

First Communion is taken only once
Let it be unforgettable

For organization of this type of event we have prepared different areas within our facility.

Crystal Room

60 – 170 people

Crystal Room – In this room Communion parties are held in individually prepared and dedicated spaces for each family with direct access to the garden. These spaces are connected with a common giant Buffet with Angels which guarantees unlimited access to tea and coffee for all guests.

Sweet Pears Room

for up to 50 people

Sweet Pears Room is connected to the stone garden patio – an ideal place for event for up to 50 people

Orangery, Winter Garden

for up to 50 people

The Orangery is located in the vicinity of our Crystal Room and is the perfect place for smaller events. It is also the place where our hotel guests start their day with a delicious and nourishing breakfast.

Bleached Summer House

for up to 80 people

The Bleached Summer House is complemented by a stone garden fireplace, ideal for parties in the fresh air.

Angelic hall

for up to 40 people

The Angelic room is decorated with the celestial wings of angels. It has a separate space for stage performances. This room is located on the first floor and has a unique playing area for children and a separate toilet.


Snow White Playground

will make the ceremony enjoyable for children


from 13:00 to 16:00
as agreed with parents


surrounded by a blossoming orchard and greenery, fountain, swings and stone patio

Communion menu

Menu 1

Menu 2


Dinner with dessert + refreshing drinks 0.5 liter/per adult + coffee/tea/price

price 120 PLN (~30 EUR)/person

approximate duration of 3 hours

Dinner with dessert + cold buffet + refreshing drinks 0.5 liter/ per adult + coffee/tea

price 150 PLN (~38 EUR)/person

approximate duration of 5 hours

The price includes decor, chair covers, fresh flowers and candles

All the dishes that are not consumed may be taken home in packages(disposable package 1 item – 1 PLN (~0,25EUR))

Bookings for 2015 only in person from 01.09.2014. Appointments should be made by phone 606 26 56 69 or by e-mail biuro@usniezkow.pl


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