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With great warmth and the satisfaction of having made dreams come true all year round we invite you to our holiday and catering facility uŚnieżków, which is located on the outskirts of Szczecin in the picturesque village of Smolęcin just 2 km from Kolbaskowo toward Będargowo and only 6 km from Szczecin city limits.

The unrivaled location of the facility enables you to be within reach of the panorama of Szczecin, the Bukowe Hills, the A6 motorway, and the borders of Poland with border crossing points in Rosówek and Kołbaskowo.

In this wonderful place surrounded by an old park in a garden well away from the city’s hustle and bustle, noise and rush, we – the Śnieżek family – have built a holiday and catering facility which we hope will enchant souls sensitive to nature and beauty, and delight them with design and class, as well as tempt them with delicious cuisine.

CWe just want to share with you all the wonderful features we have to ensure that you will leave with only the best impressions of the place we call uŚnieżków, which we wish you on our behalf and on behalf of everybody we work with.

Relax with taste!

“uŚnieżków” is

a place created to celebrate the most important events in life

a place where you can relax during your journey and eat breakfast on a terrace or in the winter garden

a place full of the natural joy of creation, and of a passion for working with our own original ideas

a place where your dreams can come true

a place that you will remember and come back to with nostalgia, even after many years, where we will always welcome you with open arms


It started, as many things in life do, by chance. The owners of the facility who were living in Niebuszewo, a district of Szczecin, decided to leave the city in search of a place for their classic Warsaw M-20 car. The road among nearby fields where now the Przecław estates can be found was very familiar and picturesque and led them to Smolęcin…

There they found not only a suitable shelter for the ‘old lady’ but, above all, a house among old trees with a very overgrown meadow.

It was in that meadow surrounded by old trees with a centrally planted 100-year-old lime tree, an orchard full of flowering apple, pear and plum trees among white round viburnum as well old bushes of wild lilac that the uŚnieżków facility was built, and to which you are cordially invited for RELAXATION WITH TASTE!


uŚnieżków is a place that’s a little bit different from others … it is a combination of

• simplicity, glamour and elegance
• simplicity, glamour and elegance
• timeless style and rural climates within easy reach
• the scent of blossoming night-scented stock and freshly mowed grass
• a morning rooster crowing and the nocturnal courtship of nightingales
• tree branches covered with frost and giant russet apples in the orchard
• delicious Polish delicacies seasoned with herbs from our garden

We want to show you everything at uŚnieżków at any time of the year because,
to tell you the truth, a Polish village can delight, inspire and attract souls sensitive to its beauty … even from distant parts of the world


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