Unique and special place in a secluded and
intimate location surrounded by
family warmth and calmness

The only place

Enjoy the unique aura and
immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere
that is one of a kind

All for you

From very unusual orders to the organization
of civil marriages at our facility
We are at your every beck and call

The quality

Every day we make every effort
to ensure that each party has met
all of your expectations


Why Us?


We have organized weddings and other parties for over 10 years and have developed our own special forms and procedures that help us plan and organize any kind of event step-by-step.


Our facility is surrounded by a beautiful garden full of the colours of nature and scents of flowers, herbs and fruits.


We encourage you to use our beautiful garden which is at the full disposal of our guests.


We maintain high standards when it comes to the food we serve. First-class products come only from proven, mainly local suppliers. We also use herbs, vegetables and fruits from our garden.


Wedding and

Let us make your dreams come true


Let us entertain you

For the family

Perfect for any occasion


Where you need us



Where you need us


The whole office will be talking about it!

„uŚnieżków” is a place in which our family lives and works for you and you are always welcome here

Welcome here
Małgorzata and Arkadiusz Śnieżek

uŚnieżków combines the modern workplace with international qualified and dedicated staff.

It’s a place full of interesting ideas and original projects in a wide variety of areas.

It’s a place you will come back to again and again with wonderful memories and more.

It’s a place which invites guests from Poland and around the world at any time.

It’s a modern facility which meets ISO standards

To ensure the highest quality of service our facility has proceeded to implement the ISO 22000:2005 quality system. This is a standard pertaining to the quality and safety of food. On 8.09.2010 we received the ISO 22000:2005 certificate as the only facility of its kind in the West Pomeranian province. This is not only a great distinction for our staff and for us, but also a great responsibility as we must take care to maintain quality standards every day for every event, every dish and every customer.

The perfect combination of tradition and modernity

We want our guests enjoy the atmosphere of the Polish countryside. When our guests come to us they do not feel the rush, stresses and strains of everyday life. All the dishes we serve owe as much to traditional Polish cuisine as they do to the modern and unique manner in which they are served.

A guarantee of an unforgettable experience

We can guarantee a great time spent in our facility. All the services we offer are of the highest quality. We approach every customer in an individual manner and thanks to a huge range of services we can provide everything you need and satisfy all requirements.

Secluded location with excellent access

Those wishing to take a break from the daily rush and the hustle and bustle of the city will find rest for their soul at our hotel. Among the fields, meadows and forests they will be able to experience the real breath of a village. There are also people who rest in a different way – while partying until the early morning – and we offer a full range of services to cater for their needs, too. In addition, our facility is located close to Szczecin and has perfect transport connections to the city. The close proximity to the motorway and highways provides fast and easy access from anywhere in Poland and Germany.

A wide range of services

uŚnieżków is known primarily for the wonderful organization of weddings. We also organize other family events such as baptisms, communions, birthdays and anniversaries. Our facility also offers a fully equipped hotel with more than 70 beds in single-person and two-person rooms, as well as in family rooms. We also provide services for companies by making conference rooms available and organizing team-building meetings. Those looking for real Polish cuisine will feel like they’ve fallen into a culinary paradise.

Comprehensive support

With an individual approach and understanding of their needs we are able to help every customer. From the very beginning we provide you with advice and assistance. We organize everything on our own and thus we are able to provide you with services of the highest quality. In expectation of your enquiries.